Comic-Con 2023

San Diego, CA

Tekken 8, Armored Core 6 and SandLand. With multiple titles on deck for exhibition, we took on the challenge of taking care of all of them creating niche experiences specific to each demographic

Armored Core VI: Immersion Unleashed: We crafted a scorching SDCC experience for Armored Core VI. Forget booths – we built a fiery world for fans to inhabit. Our in-house design and fabrication wizards conjured a towering mech wall that guarded the entrance, setting the stage for an epic journey. Movie props amped the atmosphere, and our brand ambassadors were on hand to guide recruits through the inferno.

Tekken 8: Roundhouse Kick to SDCC: We weren’t messing around with Tekken 8. We booked a venue across from SDCC and unleashed a full-on fighting frenzy. Walls crackled with in-house printed wraps, posters, and artwork. Activities pulsed throughout the space, keeping adrenaline pumping. We assembled a crack team of brand ambassadors – demo stations, cosplayers, merch giveaways, a DJ, and even tattoo artists.

Sandland: Dive into the Tank: We built a behemoth tank right inside the San Diego Convention Center, equipped with four demo stations. Attendees strapped in for an unforgettable Sandland immersion, experiencing the game’s brutal beauty firsthand.

From Vision to Victory: We were the architects of these SDCC triumphs. From concept to execution, our in-house design, fabrication, and staffing teams delivered unforgettable experiences for Armored Core VI, Tekken 8, and Sandland. We didn’t just build booths – we built worlds, ignited passions, and sent fans home with memories hotter than a molten core.

Prestige transformed SDCC into living worlds for video game fans. From a fiery Armored Core entrance to a Tekken fighting frenzy, we built immersive experiences with in-house design, fabrication, and staffing.