EVO 2023 (Las Vegas)

The Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament

The Evolution Championship Series, commonly known as Evo, is the world's premier fighting game tournament series. Think of it as the Olympics for competitive fighting games! It's an annual event where the best players from around the globe come together to battle it out for the title of world champion in various popular fighting games.

EVO 2023 wasn’t just about pixels and controllers – it was an arena where passion and hype reached critical mass. And we, at Prestige, were the architects of epic victories for Bandai Namco, SNK, and Cygames.

Bandai Namco: We weren’t messing around with Tekken 8. Our seasoned brand ambassadors navigated the crowds, spreading the gospel of the Iron Fist tournament. Cosplayers materialized iconic characters, adding a layer of electrifying realism. Every punch thrown into the pulse-pounding punching machine activation triggered a roar from the crowd, proving the fighting spirit was alive and well. And to top it off, we unleashed a torrent of Tekken-branded merch – t-shirts and lanyards snatched up in a flurry, leaving fans fueled for battle.

SNK: SNK didn’t need fancy gimmicks – their legacy spoke volumes. Our brand ambassadors, radiated passion, engaging fans in spirited discussions about SNK’s legendary fighting games. And while the battles raged on the screens, we showered the arena with eye-catching SNK posters, each one a vibrant portal to their worlds.

Cygames: Cygames commanded respect, and their brand ambassadors embodied that power. With quiet confidence, they navigated the throngs, engaging fans in deep conversations about their upcoming titles. It was a masterclass in understated excellence, proving that sometimes, the most potent hype lies in anticipation itself.

By tailoring our approach to each brand’s unique DNA, we crafted experiences that resonated with every fighter’s soul. From thunderous Tekken clashes to nuanced Cygames conversations, we fueled the fires of EVO 2023, leaving fans breathless and brands triumphant.

Our diverse approach resonated with each brand’s core audience, making EVO 2023 an unforgettable battle royale for both fans and brands.