Maple Story x Voila

Bridging together the popular MMORPG franchise with AI

This case study examines the collaboration between MapleStory, a popular MMORPG, and Voila, an AI image manipulation app. The collaboration allowed users to transform their photos into MapleStory characters using Voila's technology, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes for both brands.


  • Voila:
    • Increase app downloads and engagement driven by celebrity endorsements and trending user-generated content.
    • Expand user base beyond existing demographics, reaching potential gamers.
  • MapleStory & MapleStoryM:
    • Generate buzz and excitement among existing players.
    • Attract new players through innovative marketing and brand awareness.


  • Voila integrated MapleStory and MapleStoryM art styles into their app, enabling users to transform their photos into MapleStory characters.
  • Nexon promoted Voila to MapleStory and MapleStoryM users, encouraging them to “Maplelize” themselves.
  • The Voila app featured a MapleStory icon linking users to the MapleStoryM download page.


  • Voila:
    • Significant increase in app downloads and engagement during the collaboration period.
    • Reached new audience segments, including potential gamers interested in MapleStory.
    • Increased brand awareness and social media buzz.
  • MapleStory & MapleStoryM:
    • Generated significant excitement and engagement among existing players.
    • Increased website traffic and social media interactions.
    • Potential increase in new player installs/registrations through the Voila app link.

Key Learnings:

  • Collaborating with trending mobile apps can be a powerful tool for reaching new audiences and driving engagement.
  • Leveraging popular culture and user-generated content can significantly amplify marketing efforts.
  • Strategic cross-promotion can benefit both brands involved in the collaboration.

Nexon would promote Voila to both MapleStory and MapleStoryM users and encourage them to download the Voila app to “Mapelize” themselves.