One Piece Odyssey 2022 (San Diego)

Media only event to demo the new video game

The Straw Hat Pirates face their greatest challenge yet: themselves. Their ship lies in ruins, Luffy's precious straw hat is missing, and a mysterious girl named Lim has scattered their powers across the island and beyond, into the realm of memories.

Prepare to set sail for an adventure beyond your wildest dreams – we, at Prestige, chartered the majestic Star of India for One Piece Odyssey’s media and influencer extravaganza! Forget stale conference rooms and dry demos – we plunged them into the heart of Luffy’s world, a feast for the senses that left them begging for more.

Hoisting the Sails of Immersion: Forget screens and controllers – the Star of India became the game’s living canvas. Cosplayers roamed the decks, bringing characters to life, while themed décor and props blurred the line between reality and video games. Developer videos delved into the game’s origins, shedding light onto the game’s story and gameplay. 

Full-Throttle Game Demos: PlayStation 5 stations, strategically scattered across the ship, offered media and influencers exclusive hands-on experience with One Piece Odyssey. The thrill of combat, the open-world exploration, the explosive Straw Hat synergy – everyone got a taste of the pirate life to come.

Fueling the Adventure: No pirate worth their salt sails on an empty stomach! A sumptuous feast awaited, a culinary odyssey inspired by the game’s vibrant landscapes and delectable dishes.

Swag Fit for a Pirate King: Bounty bags overflowing with One Piece Odyssey goodies sent everyone home laden with treasures. Hoodies, keychains, posters – each item a tangible reminder of the epic voyage they just embarked on.

Memories Etched in Pixel and Ink: Professional photo ops captured the night’s magic, immortalizing cosplayers striking dramatic poses and influencers grinning with controller clutched tight. These snapshots were shared across social media, igniting a tidal wave of anticipation for One Piece Odyssey’s release.

Dropping Anchor with a Thundering Success: When the last song faded and the final laugh echoed across the Star of India, one thing was clear – we’d crafted an unforgettable experience that anchored One Piece Odyssey in the hearts and minds of media and influencers. It wasn’t just a marketing event – it was a testament to the power of creating immersive worlds and forging lasting connections.

A resounding success that anchored One Piece Odyssey in the hearts and minds of media and influencers.

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