Play Days 2023 (Los Angeles)

A new way of exhibiting video games

Play Days is an exclusive, invite-only preview event for media and influencers that takes place after the Summer Game Fest showcase. It's a chance for them to get hands-on with some of the games announced during the event and share their impressions with the public.

Remember Summer Game Fest? We do. Because we were the architects behind some of the event’s most mind-blowing moments. Buckle up, gamers, as we relive the epic wins:

Armored Core VI: Forged in Fire: Forget booths – we built a world. Collaborating with a set designer, we transformed the venue into a molten Rubicon wasteland. Walls pulsed with our own custom vinyl and fabric graphics, each pixel breathing fiery life. And to ignite media passion, we crafted a dedicated theater room, showcasing Armored Core’s scorching gameplay walkthrough for influencers and press.

Sandland & Naruto x Boruto: Banners Blazing with Hype: While we didn’t sculpt sand dunes or erect Hokage statues, our strategically placed banners and eye-catching graphics ensured Sandland and Naruto x Boruto stole their share of the spotlight. Their pixelated worlds exploded into reality, capturing imaginations and fueling fan frenzy.

Tekken 8: Roundhouse Kick to Afterparty: When the demos closed, Tekken 8’s real battle royale began. We threw a knock-out afterparty, complete with photo ops alongside cosplayers who brought the game’s characters to life. A frosty Tekken trophy ice sculpture chilled beside a Tekken coin ice luge (where drinks flowed freely). Our in-house DJ spun tracks that had everyone throwing virtual punches long into the night.

Park Beyond: Sweet Scoops, Sweeter Demos: We brought Park Beyond’s whimsical charm to life with a branded ice cream cart serving scoops as delightful as the game itself. Each cup was a mini masterpiece, showcasing the game’s vibrant aesthetics. And for members of the media that were hungry for thrills, we set up a dedicated demo station, ensuring Park Beyond’s gameplay got the sweet recognition it deserved.

From set design to sizzling afterparties, we leveled up Summer Game Fest. We proved that video games can ignite worlds, graphics can electrify crowds, and ice sculptures can dispense epic cocktails. 

From the top down, Prestige provided full coverage of the show for Bandai, from the buildout to the media

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