Roblox 2022

Custom stop-motion animation

Our agency delivered vibrant stop-motion animation videos, injecting playful magic into the Roblox brand experience.

Our Role: As Roblox’s trusted marketing partner, we took center stage for this project:

  • Concept Development: Hand-in-hand with our skilled writing team and the client, we crafted captivating scripts that brought the essence of Roblox to life.
  • World Building: Imaginative sets and environments were meticulously designed and developed to reflect the diverse realms within Roblox.
  • Stop-Motion Mastery: Our dedicated animation team meticulously brought the actual Roblox toys, the stars of the show, to life using stop-motion techniques.
  • Digital Alchemy: Using our expertise, we seamlessly composited the animated elements, crafting dynamic 3D camera movements and lighting effects.
  • Sonic Storytelling: Immersive sound design and custom-developed mouth animation (phoneme sets) for the characters added depth and humor to every scene.


  • Engaged Audiences: The videos captivated young viewers, generating excitement and showcasing the vast potential of Roblox.
  • Brand Immersion: The playful stop-motion style resonated with the target audience, strengthening brand identity and emotional connection.
  • Content Powerhouse: Our 50+ videos fueled a robust content library, providing valuable assets for ongoing marketing campaigns.


The magic of stop-motion, combined with our strategic approach, delivered engaging content that resonated with the Roblox audience. Let’s discuss how we can help you achieve similar success!