SEMA 2023 (Las Vegas)

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) is the heart of the automotive aftermarket, bringing together manufacturers, retailers, and enthusiasts for a massive annual show packed with customized cars, industry trends, and gearhead passion.

The SEMA Show, short for Specialty Equipment Market Association Show, is the world's premier trade show for car enthusiasts and professionals in the automotive aftermarket industry. It's an annual event held in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the latest and greatest in car customization, performance parts, and accessories are showcased.

SEMA isn’t just about chrome and horsepower – it’s about experiences that ignite passion. And we, at Prestige, were the spark plugs behind some of the hottest booths at the show, revving up the buzz for 2Crave, Shift Power, and Direct Wheel Source.

2Crave: From Concept to Chrome Colosseum: Forget standard booths – we built a 40×50″ automotive amphitheater for 2Crave. It pulsated with an LED screen wall showcasing a trailer we filmed, edited, and unleashed in-house – a visual feast that left jaws agape. Stunningly sourced cars added to the hype, while staffed models kept the energy levels high. To turn up the adrenaline, we integrated a HIN racing game, playable during peak hours, with 2Crave branding plastered on every curve. 

Shift Power: Understated Elegance, Overcharged Impact: We crafted an 8×4″ haven for Shift Power, using sleek B-matrix to build a booth that mirrored their refined aesthetic. Two mounted TVs displayed their tech prowess, while strategically placed lighting illuminated their innovative products. A meeting table and comfy chairs invited power talks, while product shelves and a display stand showcased their game-changing gear. 

Direct Wheel Source: Straight Forward, Straight Up Speed: We didn’t need bells and whistles for Direct Wheel Source. We built a functional oasis using fabric prints and wood paneling, creating a welcoming space for enthusiasts to discover their next upgrade. Shelves stocked with gleaming wheels, a display stand highlighting their latest offerings, and two TVs showcasing their expertise – this straightforward approach spoke volumes about Direct Wheel Source’s commitment to speed and quality.

From roaring trailers to polished havens, we built experiences that resonated with each brand’s unique DNA. We proved that SEMA isn’t just about automotive parts – it’s about igniting passion, crafting memories, and putting the pedal to the metal on brand awareness. 

From the booth to the display cars and even staff, Prestige delivered all an encompassing successful tradeshow for 2Crave.

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